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Myles Kennedy-The Art Of Letting Go

Mike Tramp-Songs Of Whitelion volume. 2


Michael Schenker-My Years With UFO

Rendezvous Point-Dream Chaser

Deep Purple =1

Kissin” Dynamite-Back With A Bang

Bon Jovi-Forever

Dark Mile-Dark Mile

Darwin-Five Steps On The Sun

Palace-Reckless Heart

Sunbomb-Light Up The Sky

Shotgun Mistress-Kings Of The Revolution

New Horizon-Conquerors

Mile- A Shattered Mind


Sebastian Bach- Child Within The Man

Crownshift- Crownshift

O.H. Petrsson’s Rendezvouz-O.H. Petrsson’s Rendezvouz

Six by Six-Beyond Shadowland

Sonic Universe-It is What it is

Leprous-Melodies Of Atonement

Sunbomb-Light Up The Sky

New Horizon-Conquerors

FM-Old Habits Die Hard

Kris Barras Band-Halo Effect

Lion Heart-The Grace Of A Dragonfly

Kickin Valentina-Star Spangled Fist Fight

King Zebra-Between The Shadows

Praying Mantas-Defiance

The Quill-Wheel Of Illusion

Judas Priest-Invincible Shield

Scott Stapp-Higher Power (Creed)

Honeymoon Suite- Alive

Lords Of Black-Mechanics Of Predacity

Magoria-Hollingsworth Mansion

Social Disorder-Time To Rise

Saxon-Hell, Fire And Damnation

Advocacy-The Path Of Decopherence

The Grandmaster-Black Sun




Compass-A Silent Compass

Earthside-Let The Truth Speak

Michael Catton-Point Of No Return

Hugo’s Voyage-Inception (AOR)

Secret Sphere-Blackened Hearbeat

Hitten-When Passion Lasts

Soledriver-Return Me To Light

Kings Crown-Closer To The Truth

Apotheus-Ergo Atlas

Within Temptation-Bleed Out

Dokken-Heaven Comes Down (okt)

Lynch Mob-Babylon

Rival Sons-Lightbringer

Timechild-Blossom & Plague

Fifth Angel-When Angels Kill

Kamelot-The Awakening

Demons Down- I Stand

Khymera – Hold Your Ground

Black Star Riders-Wrong Side Of Paradise

Haken – Fauna 


Giant-Shifting Time

Out Of This World-Out Of This World

Marillion-An Hour Before It’s Dark


Shining Black-Postcards From The End

Stone Broken-Revelation

Michael Romero-War Of the Worlds Pt 2.

Audrey Horne-Devil’s Bell


Def Leppard-Diamond Star Halos


Skid Row-The Gang’s All Here (Eric Gronwall) 

Cleanbreak-Coming Home (juli, Richard Perry, Robert Sweet (Stryper))

Devils’s Train-Ashes&Bones

Shinedown-Planet Zero

The Dead Daisies-Radiance

House Of Lords-Saints And Sinners

Ginevera-We Belong To The Stars

Teramaze-Flight Of The Wounded

Nestor-Kids In A Ghost Town


The Dead Daisies – Holy Ground

Sweet Oblivion – Relentless


Nergard-Eternal White

Sunbomb-Evil and Divine

Neonfly-The Future,Tonight

Chalice Of Sin-Chalice Of Sin

Hardline-Heart-Mind and Soul


Night Ranger-ATBPO

Resurrection Kings- Skygazer

Takida-Falling From Fame

Alfonzetti-Shake My Blood


One Desire – Midnight Empire (Mei)

Perfect Plan – Time For A Miracle – 4 september

Teramaze – I Wonder – 9 oktober

Defecto – Duality

Draconian – Under A Godless Veil

Silvera – Edge Of The World

Awaken – Out Of The Shadows

Lords Of Black – Achemy Of Souls

Phrehistoric Animals – The Magical Mystery Machine

Scardust – Stranger


Soen – Lotus (februari)

Tesla – Shock (maart)

First Signal – Line Of Fire (mei)

Whitesnake – Flesh & Blood (mei)

Rendezvous Point – Universal Chaos (juni)

Leprous – Pitfalls (oktober)

Michael Sweet – Ten (November)

Saint Asonia – Flawed Design (December)

Noveria – Aequilibrium (December)

Work Of Art – Exhibits (December) 


Ammunition- Ammunition (januari)

FM – Atomic Generation (maart)

Sunstorm – Road To Hell (juni)

Gioeli & Castronovo – Set The World On Fire

Micheal Romeo – War Of The Worlds Part I 


Unruly Child – Can’t Go Home (2017)

Kings of Broadway – Kings of Broadway (Mei 2017)

End Of The Dream – Until You Break (Mei 2017)

Caligula’s Horse – In Contact (Oktober 2017)

Degreed – Degreed (Oktober 2017)

Odd Logic – Effigy

Anthriel – Transcendence


First Signal – One Step Over The Line (Juni 2016)

Michael Sweet – One Sided War (Augustus/September 2016)

Palace – Master Of The Universe (Augustus 2016)

Eden’s Curse – Cardinal (October 2016)

Angel Or Kings – Go Ask The Moon (November 2016)

I Prevail – Lifelines (November 2016)

Overland – Contagious (November 2016)

Niva – Atmospherical (November 2016)


Furyon – Lost Salvation (Maart 2015)

Romeo’s Daughter – Spin (April 2015)

World View – The Chose Few (Mei 2015)

SAY – Orion (Mei 2015)

Tremonti – Cauterize (Juni 2015)

Lynch Mob – Rebel (Augustus 2015)

Ozone – Self Defence (September 2015)

The Winery Dogs – Hot Streak (Oktober 2015)

Shinedown – Threat To Survive 


Skintrade – Refuelled (maart 2014)

Delain – The Human Contradiction (april 2014)

Diesel – Into The Fire (mei 2014)

Anubis Gate – Horizons (juni 2014)

Darkest Era – Severance (juli 2014)

Crown Of Glory – King For A Day (juli 2014)

Platens – Out Of The World (september 2014)

In Faith – There’s A Storm Coming (september 2014)

Angels Or Kings – Kings Of Nowhere (december 2014)


Lionville – II (Januari 2013)

Stryper – Second Coming (maart 2013)

Vindictiv – Victims of Creation (april 2013)

Find Me – Wings of Love (juli 2013)

Arc Angel – Harlequins of Night (augustus 2013)

Impera – Pieces Of Eden (november 2013)

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