Index Reviews 2018/2017


Devil’s Hand-Devil’s Hand
Days Of Jupiter-Panoptical
Red Dragon Cartel-Patina
Nordic Union-Second Coming
Moonkings-Rugged And Unplugged
Seventh Wonder-Tiara
Dream Child-Until Death Do We Meet Again
James Christian-Craving
Slash (ft. Myles Kennedy& The Conspirators)-Living The Dream
Redemption-Long Night’s Journey Into Day
Cayne-Beyond The Scars
Tremonti-A Dying Machine
Millennial Reign-The Great Divide
Stryper-God Damn Evil
Perfect Plan-All Rise
Kamelot-The Shadow Theory
The Dead Daisies-Burn It Down
Stone Broken-Ain’t Always Easy
Myles Kennedy-Year Of The Tiger
Borealis-The Offering
Dukes Of The Orient-Dukes Of The Orient
Audrey Horne-Blackout
Red Blood Saints-Love Hate Conspiracies


Jeff Scott Soto-Retribution
Von Hertzen Brothers-War Is Over
Nocturnal Rites-Phoenix
Sons Of Apollo-Psychotic Symphony
Europe-Walk The Earth
Sweet & Lynch-Unified
Threshold-Legend Of The Shires
Revolution Saints-Light In The Dark
Sorcerer-The Crowning Of The Fire King
Coldspell-A New World Arise
H.e.a.t.-Into The Great Unknown
Prospekt-The Illuminated Sky
Mr.Big-Defying Gravity
Inglorious-Inglorious II
Labyrinth-Architecture Of A God
One Desire-One Desire
Damnations Day-A World Awakens
House Of Lords-Saint Of The Lost Souls
Place Vendome-Close To The Sun
Black Star Riders-Heavy Fire
Thunder-Rip It Up
As Lions-Selfish Age
Borealis-World Of Silence MMXVII
Pride Of Lions-Fearless